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irritatedcat asked:
Currently, I have my hair dyed brown, this dye is above a red dye, which is above another brown dye, which is above another red dye ... I want to put a light brown on, i need to bleach it but I have fear of damage it. What do you recommend? (sorry for my bad english)

Hi honey 

You need to use a colour remover like colouroops or colourb4 to strip the built up dye out of your hair before preceeding. Then deep condition and leave for a week so your hair can recover. 

Then depending on what shade it comes out at, you can use a box dye to go to light brown (make sure the dye has enough of a lifting agent to get the colour right) 

arebelamish asked:
Hi! So, in about two weeks I will be dying my hair a dark purple (think Katy Perry) but I'm going to have to bleach it first. I have thick, black, asian hair that's never been colored or bleached and I was wondering what are some ways I could protect my hair from getting super damaged before going in to the salon? I've read about the coconut oil soak pre-bleach but will my hair dresser be able to add dye in afterwards? Thank you!

Hello :) coconut oil AFTER bleaching is a good idea, before hand it’ll probably just stop the bleach working properly and leave your lift patchy. I’ve not heard of a soak before hand before. 
Don’t worry about damage too much on your first bleaching, you should be fine. Grab some Aussie three minute miracle reconstructor for deep conditioning afterwards :) 

Your salon knows what they are doing! Also you’ll only need to bleach up to a orange tone to get dark purple to cover it as that dark purple shade is one of the most hard core, cover-all shades! It covers nearly everything. 

Dark purple dye bleeds a lot as a heads up, so get a dark pillow case and some baby wipes on hand, for the first few days you’ll have purple everything! 

Purple dark dye also stays for ages which is a bonus :D yay! 

theworldisjoyce asked:
Trying to dye my hair a pastel-ish lilac color and I bleached my hair with a 40 degree developer but it ended up a very brassy, kind of darker orange. I don't really want to bleach it anymore than this so what should I do? Is it ok to go ahead with the purple or should I do something else before I proceed. Thank you so much x

Hi Hi

You can go a dark purple from the level you are at now, it won’t go pastel I’m afraid unless its white. 
Here’s my guides on white hair and lilac hair


If you don’t want to bleach any more (and trust me that’s a good idea) then you’re best trying for a darker colour, you may love it anyway! 

you-have-always-worn-your-flaws asked:
Hello, I ombred my hair recently then used a blue dye over it at the ends, then re ombred it to try and get rid of the blue/green (using Bleach London DIY Dip Dye both times) but was left with a mint green colour at the end of my hair, if I bleach over the ends will it get rid of the green? I just want to get rid of it,I've kind of gone past the point of caring about the condition of my hair! Wondered if you had any thoughts on what I could do to completely get rid of the green?

Hi, your hair is stained honey! However, please don’t do the whole “I’m past caring” thing, because trust me, when you come away with handfuls of snapped hair, and you can’t brush it without breaking more, you’ll care! Its not just an effect on the bleached parts either because the damage can spread upwards through split ends. 

Anyway! Asses the condition of your hair. If its at all gummy or stretchy when wet, do not proceed.

a) try washing up liquid

b) try vitamin c powder, baking soda and shampoo, leave for twenty mins, wash and condition really well

c) try a ketchup toner, sounds mad I know, but apparently works very well for green tinted hair. Green is toned out by red, and ketchup is the easiest and least harmful way, can’t hurt to try! 

You could last resort d) try a bleach bath. Don’t use a kit for this, use bleach, peroxide and shampoo. You use one part bleach one part peroxide one part shampoo and leave for 20 mins at the most, check the colour all the time. 

ketchup-wolverine asked:
My hair has been going white/gray for a long time and of course I've been dying it to hide it. Recently, I did a silly thing and went black - and now after two applications of Color Oops (to very little effect, it looks like extremely dark brown/black) I'm at a loss...I'd honestly like to get all the color out of my hair so I can rethink letting it be natural, but I'm afraid it's going to break the bank or my hair. Help!?

Best thing is to pop along to a salon. Grey hair is very course and dry and works differently to ‘normal’ hair, especially when it comes to dye. Oddly, the problem is usually that grey hair won’t hang onto colour. 

If you’ve tried colour oops I don’t know what to suggest. Did you use the dark one? Did you rinse very well? If so your hair is probably stained, and to get the black out you’d need to bleach, or use a series of box dyes in stages to get back to near your natural colour. 

You won’t be able to get the colour all out of your hair and back to natural as underneath the dye, your natural colour probably no longer exists as most box dyes have lighteners to make the colour deposit even. 

Sorry I can’t really help further on this one as any progress from black will be damaging, especially if the removers aren’t working. 
Please do pop to a salon if you can, they can give you advice for free, then its up to you if you can afford it, or have to let your colour grow out. 

anyatathen-deactivated20140811 asked:
So I died my platinum blonde hair to a light brown and now I want to change it back but I used color oops and I think it went back to the light brown. Would it ne to hard on my hair to ise extra light ash blonde. My hair is a little fragile.

Hi Honey, if your hair is fragile, then a box dye might not be the best idea especially if its high lift as you say. 
Try waiting a month, looking after those locks carefully with deep conditioning and protein treatments before seeing how the condition is then lightening up.  

seeyouindisneylandxo asked:
Hey!! My hair is blue at the moment and I'm getting a little tired of it but I don't really want to let it go yet.. I want it to go more into a teal colour but directions only has green and turquoise(it just looks too blue) I don't want it too green and I'm a little cautious with mixing colours. I like suddenlyoutoftheblue hair colour in her newest selfie(duck face one! Haha) but idw how to get it. And should I wait until my blue fades into a really light colour? Thank you!! :)

Hi Honey, wait until your blue fades before trying to go turquoise as it wont work, but you *could* put a green dye over the blue and see what happens! (Strand test first). 
Mixing colours is one of the great things about vegetable dyes. You can mix them all up and have no problems at all, its like alchemy. Just make sure you mix enough for your whole head as its hard to mix the same colour twice sometimes. 

You could always ask what dye suddenlyoutoftheblue uses! I know the directions terquoises are much more blue in person than they say. Might be a SFX jobby or something home made. 

iwantmtalltomyself asked:
HI!!!! I hope you can help me because google sure isn't, haha. two weeks ago I dyed my hair dark blue using kool aid, but I washed it once and it faded to purple and green. I used a trick to get the kool aid out, baking soda and hot water, and it worked wonders but still left part of my hair a tiny bit green. today I bleached my hair at home to get an ombré look, and it worked really well, minus the part where my light light light green hair turned light pink. will this fade? what can I do?

I’m not familiar with kool aid dye because I live in the UK! I knew you could do it, but I thought it only lasted a little while. 
Was your hair dyed with another dye (natural colour) before the kool aid, if so, that is more likely to have caused the strange colours when bleaching up. 
Its likely your hair has stained, and the kool aid colours are dispursing slowly so you went from green to pink. You might need to bleach bath the ends to get this staining out, but try washing it with clarifying shampoo, vitamin c powder and baking soda first! 

Lemme know what happens, as its a new one to me! 

(You could also try a green toner/ash toner very quickly over the pink) 

itsthisisbeth asked:
Hi! So here the thing, I would like to dye my hair manic panic enchanted forest however I don't want to bleach it since its just for the summer holidays (and it damages your hair but you already know that) I also have medium-light brown hair and REALLY pale skin and was wondering if the colour would look good on me and last for the summer holidays with unbleached hair? Thanks for you're time too :)

Like with any dye, over unbleached hair a) the dye won’t stick as long and b) its unpredictable. 
Think about colouring green pen over brown paper. However! Enchanted forest is a good bet because its DARK and dark colours work much better on unbleached hair. Green is opposite red in the colour wheel and I can see in your profile pic you have strawberry tones, so this should cover pretty well too. 
ALWAYS do a strand test before doing your whole head to see what it’ll turn out like, and beware of staining. Six weeks wash out is never actually a thing with vegetable dyes.