capssidekick asked:
Hi! A lot of the time when I dye my hair, the color comes out wrong. Pink's become purple, dark red's become bright pink, grey's become blue etc. It's happened both when I've bleached my hair before and when I haven't, and it's happened with different brands. Do you have any idea why this is happening, and if there's anything I can do to prevent it?

Its hard to say as I don’t know what colour base you had and what dyes you’re using. When bleaching your hair, the lighter your base, the more likely you’re going to end up with the colour you want to achieve. 
There are some dyes that just never go the colour they are supposed to, and some (like grey) are time sensitive. Grey for example is a blue or purple base, so if left on for too long then the base colour shows more than the light version of that. 
Often it helps looking on haircrazy on the dye galleries to see what colour other people’s hair has become when using dyes. Reds sometimes have purple tones for example and if you can see that on others, you can try a different brand.

Sorry I can’t help much more without specifics.  

pettyferprincess asked:
So about 2 years ago I dyed my hair red (my original colour was a dark blond/light brown) and ever since then I've dyed it dark brown/ dark purple. I really don't like it anymore and was wondering how I would get it back to my original colour? Can the hairdresser strip the colour from it?


I’m sorry but your natural colour no longer exists under the dye. When you use a box dye, the chemicals in the dye lift your natural colour in order to deposit another colour onto/into the hair. If you got it stripped it would likely turn out a light brown/gingery colour. However the salon can do this for you, then dye it as close to your natural colour as possible to help the growing out process be much more managabel and less noticeable. 

colourmeincum asked:
I've had a looked at your popular tags on bleaching and toning but I didn't quite find the answer i was looking for, my hair is currently a brassy ginger with yellow/white roots from bleaching it! it was medium brown with a faded out red ombre that I coloured over! I have some extensions that are a naturally ashy blonde and I was wondering if an ash blonde dye or toner would be better to fix the problem thank you!

Hello! Yes it should do :) ash is green based so it counteracts the red tones in your hair. 

Although if its currently brassy and you want it all white, you need a purple toner. :) excellent ones include Matrix so silver and bonacure colour save.

ayybrxh asked:
i dyed my hair dark violet the other day, but i need it lighten asap, is there any ways easy enough to do so?? I heard leaving conditioner in over night helps, but im not too sure

Hi! You need to use a mixture of vitamin c powder, baking powder and clarifying shampoo, scrub on and leave for twenty mins, then wash out really thoroughly and condition to heck. Its drying but really drags the colour out.

terminally--chilll asked:
Hello, I have sort of a dumb question.. but I dyed my hair blue about a month ago and the color is still good but my roots are green, so I bought another bottle of the same hair dye and put it on all my roots. After I washed it out though, the roots were still green. Does this mean I should bleach the roots again or wait until they fade more? Thank you!!!

Hello :) 
roots are a funny thing! Even a small change in your diet can change how your new hair growth reacts to dyes. It could be that you used a different bleach? 
You roots will usually take vegetable dye less quickly as they are less processed and won’t drink up the colour so easily (with box dyes and bleach the roots process first and most quickly as they’re heated by the scalp) 
best thing to do is to try again, just put the dye on your roots and leave for an hour or so (if its a veggie dye) or consider trying a different dye brand! 
I know lots of blue heads have this problem. 

arcollins21 asked:
Hi! I have thick and frizzy hair and I want to get curls or waves since it is too hard to straighten it... I have tried all the heatless options and none of them have worked including: rollers, braids, etc. I just want to have gorgeous hair! (My hair when wet goes about four to five inches past my shoulder) please help me!!!

I’m the same :) exactly the same! 
The styling that works for me is wet set sponge rollers. Obviously if you’re not into vintage styles, then its not for you, but any kind of wet set with a settling lotion is more likely to be able to tame your hair. 
Make sure you get it thinned and think about some layers when you next get it cut as this will help. 

kandikitteh asked:
I have flat, shoulder length hair that I can't seem to so anything with ;-; I tried doing a bun, but it's too thin (or appeared to be, even though I have medium thickness hair). It's always down and boring and I can't find any tutorials that work for me. Any advice?

Hello :) 
There are some fantastic powders now that you sprinkle onto the hair that help with teasing and styling. They give the hair volume and stop it from slipping out of styles. You can also get the same effect with some dry shampoos. 
Try blow drying your hair with your head upsidedown for instant volume without difficult styling. 

I’m not really sure what styles you want to do, but products are your friend :) I have the opposite, crazy thick fizzy hair, and without products there’s no way I could tame it. Everyone has to experiment with what is best for their own hair type. 

jenessamarie-xx asked:
I have blonde hair, though naturally brown, i am no longer adding blonde in my hair because i would like to grow my hair out. I only get my hair professionally done and i only use Moroccan oil shampoo, conditioner and oils, i also use Moroccan oil deep conditioner one and a while. I also never dye my hair out of a box, only professionally. Recently ive had some pretty bad breakage in my bangs and on top of my head. How do i prevent this and help my hair grow, please help!

Hello! You sound like you look after your hair really well, so this is strange especailly at the top of your head and in your bangs. 
Do you heat treat/straighten it? 
Often with flat irons we go over the top layers and bangs much more than the top of the head so its likely that is the cause. Make sure you use a great protectant, and straighten as little as possible. 

pinkderpball asked:
Hi, I wanted to know what would happen of I bleached over my dark green hair. I want to achieve like a pastel green or a mint. Would it be possible to bleach it for that look or would the bleach completely take the green away? Thank you I love your blog :)

Hello you’d  get a pastel green of course :) it just might be a bit patchy unless you bleach quickly and evenly. 
Only do a bleach bath (half peroxide half shampoo) for a short time to avoid lifting the colour completely.