annabel-lee- asked:
Hello, I dyed my hair voodoo blue but it turned out some viridian-like blue-green. And the roots are green looking as well. I was wondering if I put a different blue dye over it, would it turn out blue? The kind of blue I want is Ramona Flowers blue. Thanks!

Hi, lots of people have blue problems going green! 
SFX blue or directions midnight blue are the bluest blues. Often I think bleached hair reacts badly with blue and can go green and you just need to find one that matches your hair type. Sorry I can’t help more. 
I know my bestie uses SFX blue velvet to combat the greenmeanies 

seeyouindisneylandxo asked:
Hi! Do you have any experience with hair oils? Like Argan Oil or something like that? My hair is a little damaged from Bleaching and straightening and everything. I cut my hair every 4-6 weeks and use heat protection and I just want something to make it a little more healthy. It doesn't even need to be Oil :) do you have any product tips? Your hair always looks really healthy and yeah. Thanks! :)

Hi :) 
Here’s my post on oils and healthy hair after bleaching

hope that helps! 

My trifecta of great products for dry and damaged hair are 
- Aussie three minute miracle deep reconstructing conditioner 

-Argan oil

-Joico Kpak deep penetrating reconstructor (Protein treatment) 

for more info read my bleaching guide, or go through the bleach tag :) 

samtastic14 asked:
I was wondering if you know the answer to my question. I have naturally light blonde hair and I want to dye it sliver/purple or a pastel is there a way to do this with out bleach also I'm worried about it fading. I don't want it to fade and look bad, will my hair go back to being it's natural color also any maintenance tips? Sorry I know it's quite a few questions but thank you for reading and taking your time to answer.

Sorry the reply is so late. 
Your natural hair is light so the dye will work but without the bleach to make the hair a little porous, it will wash out very quickly and likely stain (it will stain bleached hair also, but you were worried about it washing out)

Maintaining lilac is a hard, and takes dedication. You’ll need to re-dye it or use a toner probably once a week to upkeep the colour. 

Top tips for maintaining colour are:- 

Wash in cold water

Wash only once or twice a week

Don’t over use products or heat treatment as these fade colour quickly 

Don’t use medicated or clarifying shampoo

mejomonster asked:
I'm so glad your blog exists! I have medium light brown dyed hair, and its getting brassy (kind of coppery with golden highlights - the highlights i like but not the copper), and i don't know if a blue, blue-green, green, or violet toner will best fix the brassiness without making it look too ashy?

Hi I’m so sorry my reply is so late. I love your icon :) 
Copper/orange tones are opposite blue on the colour wheel so you need a blue toner, however lilac ones are much easier to find and they should work on your hair :) 
Green toners are what cause the ‘ash’ tones. Left on too long blue and purple toners create grey tones. 

brisdelavitre asked:
So, I literally just colored my hair electric lizard green by manic panic... I didn't use their amplified kind, just the regular stuff... but, I kind of don't like it and I have a thing of Nuclear Red Special effects hair color.... and it's so tempting to color it but I am kind of not sure how it will come out. I know that red and green might make a muddy color but this color green is light. Plus Special Effects red dyes are so much stronger! Do you think I will be safe to color it red?

Hello, so so sorry my reply is so very late. 
Firstly, well done for finding lizard green, its often impossible to get hold of. Sorry you didn’t like it. 
Green and red are likely to make mud if its very bright, however since they are opositte on the colour wheel, if you fade your green out to a very light colour, red will cover it perfectly as it will ‘neautralise’ the colour. 

p-u-r-i-f-ied asked:
Hey so I dyed my tips w la riche lilac after I bleached it & used silver shampoo and it turned up blue? I left it on for 4-5 hours & I kinda had little bit of grey & light blue on my tips before cos I left the shampoo on for too long. --

Hello sorry its taken so long to reply. 

That dye is a blue based purple, so that colour will sometimes turn up that colour. 
You can wash it out with vosene or add a little tiny bit of pink dye to make it more purple. I usually suggest using a diluted dark purple instead of a bought lilac dye. 
If its the toner that turned you blue then as you say, you left it too long. Toner is meant for a three minute use only otherwise it deposits visable colour. Its nothing shampooing with anti dandruff shampoo shouldn’t sort out quickly.

behindlifeswalls asked:
hey so i am trying to get purple fudge out of my hair. i was wondering what i can use? i've used shampoo mixed in with bicarde soda twice and its faded to blue but it wont get any lighter. anymore ideas for me? If you could respond privatly for me so i can get it straight away, that would be great!! thanks x

Hello! Some blue based dyes are super hard to remove, you’ve already tried the magic bicarb mix, so you can either keep trying that with vosene shampoo, or use a bleach bath. Search how to do that on my blog here. 
Sorry it took so long to reply.

sintomacronico asked:
Hello! I've been having troubles with dying my hair, I'm not quite sure what I should do. I want to dye my hair pastel pink, I've bleached it 3 times (went to a hair stylist) to achieve a very light blond. My problem is, the pink doesn't stay at all. I'm using manic panic's hot hot pink diluted on hair conditioner, but after a day or two the color has already faded a lot, (I didn't even wash it) and it doesn't fade evenly, so it looks all sort's of pink/blonde shades here and there. It's awful!

Hi there 

I’m so sorry its taken me so long to get back to you. Life has been very hectic for me. 
Pastel colours just don’t stay I’m afraid, its because they’re a very diluted dye so they wash out quickly. 
The uneven fading will be due to the bleach damage to your hair, bits that are more damaged will fade more quickly (even if it looks and feels super healthy) 
The easiest thing to do is put pink dye in some white conditioner and use it once a week to top up your colour (five mins then rinse). Otherwise you should use a darker dye.