whatkaty-thinks asked:
Hey! Thank you so much for your time, just a quick one. I want to lighten my hair to about a level 10, currently a level 8, should I do a bleach bath (over box dyed blonde hair) or will I need to do a colour remover first? Thanks again

You won’t need a colour remover! You can do a bleach bath or use a blonde box dye to level up as you’re not making a huge leap. I don’t recommend it often, but if your end result is wanting to be blonde a box dye might be better than bleach at this point because you don’t want to leap too many levels and it’ll deposit dye to even out any colour that lifts differently to the rest. 

tortelliniii asked:
so I need major help I did the mistake of not going to the salon because I thought I'd be fine but turns out my hair has gold patches,purple and white.I let my roots grow out for a while so my hair could be healthy and I finally bleached them went through a double process of bleaching and toning and I left the toner on for too long and my hair is purple! I just want a nice blonde shade :(


Don’t worry, the toner will wash out in three-four washes and leave you with a toned blonde shade. If its still patchy, pop down to a salon and get it colour corrected. 

HII ): so I tried dying my hair cherry red, my hair was medium brown with a fair amount of red in it ! I used 20 vol developer and Aragon oil colour in the shade red violet brown the girl at Sally’s recommended it and when I died it it turn almost black with a faint hint of red D: how do I make it more vibrant and less dark without bleach!


Hi! The only thing you can do without bleaching is to wash wash wash! Use a clarifying shampoo to fade it out more quickly, or a mix of shampoo, vitamin c powder and bakaing soda.

orphicsonder asked:
Hey! Well I recently dyed my hair blue black. I am trying to find a good deep conditioner for my hair for that it will not fade as fast and is good for blue black hair. I also was trying for more of a conditioner that puts in more blue into my hair to bring that out in the color, do you have any recommendations?

Hi sorry it’s taken a while to reply. 
The only deep conditioner I ever recommend is Aussie three minute miracle re-constructor. There are other great conditioners out there, but for the price and result, there’s nothing better. 

To get a conditioner that puts more blue into your hair, its pretty simple. Take your bottle of conditioner, put some blue dye in it, shake it up, use as normal :) 

thelovelieus asked:
Hello! I'm going to be dying my hair purple in the next week, without bleaching or lightening it (I have dark brown hair). I was looking into using Adore hair dye, if you know anything about it I was wondering if it would go on alright over my natural hair and, if so, how long it would last? Your help is much appreciated! :)

Hi there, sorry I’ve taken a while to reply. 
I have used most of the adore reds and like them, I’m sure the purple will be good. Be careful applying as its a very liquid dye so can get everywhere! 

Over natural hair it’ll probably cause a purple sheen rather than a bright colour and likely last three to four weeks unless you have naturally bright blonde hair in which case it may stain grey.

madimostly asked:
So my hair is naturally a chocolate brown color and for a long time I had lots of blonde highlights. One day I decided I didn't want those anymore so I died my hair a brownish redishish color. Once that color started to fade I just died it all a solid brown. I can't seem to get out the red and copper tones no matter how many times I dye it. I just want to achieve a solid brown but I can't seem to escape the ugly brassy color. Please help!!

Basically that red is on your hair. You can’t get rid of it by throwing more colours over it. However, red is opposite green on the colour wheel so you need an ashy green based brown that will neutralise the red/brassy tones in your hair. 

guin3apigs asked:
Hey, i was just wondering if you have any tips for bleaching very dark brown/black hair? I've heard hair can fall out and all those other things that happen as a result of bleaching and just want to know if i should bleach it at home or just go to a salon?

Hello, please take a look at my guide here 


but if you can afford to go to a salon, that’s always the first and best bet.

cr0agunk asked:
hi there! i dyed my hair with crazy colour's hot purple just over 2 weeks ago and it has now faded to a light green fringe with dark grey sides. my hair has never been bleached and i'm worried the dye has stained my hair's natural colour (blonde). what should i do?

Hopefully it will have washed out for you now, but if not you need to use a clarifying shampoo or baking soda  and vitamin c powder mixed with shampoo to really drag the colour out of your hair. Strong alkali solutions will drag the last of the dye out for you and prevent staining, just make sure you condition well afterwards.

If it turns out that its stained your natural colour still you will find eventually this usually washes out, but use hot hot water, and straighten your hair once a day (with heat protection) to help fade the colour further. 

Let us know what happens! 

douchewad asked:
Hello! So I bleached virgin hair with Splat bleach and it did not process long enough so my dark black hair turned to a mostly brown/orange color. I then dyed it with ion in magenta and it turned out red (and faded back to orange in 1 week with only one hair wash with color-safe shampoo and conditioner). Is there any way to fix this without having to rebleach? I want it to be hot pink/pink and have no idea how to fix without bleach

Hi there, sorry the reply took so long. 

I’m afraid your hair just isnt light enough to be a bright colour without bleaching it again. 
Think about an orange piece of paper. No matter what pink crayon you use over it, it’ll always be a muddied colour. The lighter the hair, the more pure the colour. 
Take a look at my bleaching guide that will help you fade your current colour and lighten it up safely. 

Going from black to blonde never happens in one bleach sitting, no matter how long you bleach it or how good the bleach, so don’t worry that it didn’t lift up all in the first sitting. 

221b-fangirl-street asked:
Thanks for the advice on my other question! I've been thinking about using a colour stripper on my hair. The first time we ever colour stripped it from brown it went red. And as you know we did that whole bleach thing but I dyed it back brown (even though it showed up as ginger) to cover it up. But my Mum says that if we colour strip it once again, as the brown dye has faded a bit, it might just go back to my natural colour? Is it worth the try?

Hi! Sorry its taken me SO SO long to reply. You may have already done something. 
However, stripper won’t take your hair back to natural, as your natural colour no longer exists under your dye. The dyes you’ve used have lifting agents in them, so if you strip again, it’ll take out the colour and leave it the colour it was lifted to before the dye was deposited. Usually this is a gingery red colour.