michaeljpproductions asked:
hey ive tried dying my hair back to electric blue i used live colour xxl in electric blue i was a faded emerald green from crazy colour and ive tried dying it twice but the area where i bleached my hair the last time isnt taking the blue so well its a blueish green now but no where as vibrant blue as the ends please help i dont wanna have to go back to my natural hair colour

Hello! Your hair is probably too processed to hold the dye by the sounds. 
Have you tried a different dye? XXL dyes are just…not very good. 
Go with the people that have been making great veg dyes for years! 

First use a protein filler, you need to health up those locks. I like Joico K pak. 
Next you’ll need a dye. Look around crazy colour or bee unique’s galleries to see the shade you’re aiming for because blue comes in so many shades.

Hope this helps. 

allie4381 asked:
So I already had blonde and hair decided to re-dye. When I rinsed and dried, my hair in the middle and bottom section had a tent of green. I don't know how to fix it, and I'm kinda freezing out! Please help if you can.

Hello! No fear! 
Ash blonde dyes are green based. You need a red toner. 

It will likely wash out pretty quickly, but if not a quick at-home fix is to use ketchup! Sounds gross but apparently works very well. Just pop on and leave for five-ten mins and rinse off (well!). 

If you want a red corrective dye you can make one with red hair dye and lots of white condition, you literally need such a tiny amount and to leave for a minute so you don’t tint the hair pink at all. 

p-h-a-e-d-r-a asked:
Hi! Thanks for your suggestion of using a protein treatment, i think its really helped. I read your toner reviews and bought directions lilac and a white shampoo, how long should I leave it on for? and can i apply it with my hands or do i need to use a brush and one of those mixing bowls? xx

Hello :) 

leave it on for literally like two minutes, otherwise you’ll tint your hair purple. As it will be so diluted with conditioner, you don’t need gloves unless you’ve got a lovely pale manicure you don’t want to tint. 

seeyouindisneylandx asked:
Do you think I would get a nice purple/blue with crazy colors Capri blue and the hot purple? Or what blues and purples could I mix that make a nice color? (:

Most blues and purples will go well together :) Personally I don’t like crazy colour dyes, but they’re what you can get, go for it. If you go for darker blues and purples, then your dye will last longer if you don’t mind on the shade as they will ligthen as it washes out.

kill-lakill asked:
can u look at my recent post?? aa if not im lookin to get something i can style into a greaser-ish pompadour maybe, like think alex turner from arctic monkeys?? what would that look like down? i want it shortish on the sides and back, could i get a rly long shave like is that possible?? also how would i style it? sorry thank u!

sorry! I took too long to reply and now I can’t find your post. 
I looked up Alex, obviously he styles alot, down it’ll just look shaggy and longer on the top than the sides, but there’s loads of ways you could style it other than the classic quiff. 
You can get a long shave on the clippers., it comes in number levels, if you’ve ever heard someone say “I have it shaved to number 2” number 1 is the shortest usually. 

I found this helpful guide 

000000 = 0.1 mm 0.250 inch (blade with no guard) 
00000 = 0.2 mm 0.125 inch (blade with no guard) 
000 = 0.5 mm 0.100 inch (blade with no guard) 
0A = 1.2 mm (blade with no guard) 
1 = 2.4 mm 
1A = 3.0 mm 3/8 inch 
2 = 6 mm 1/4 inch 
3 = 9 mm 3/8 inch 
4 = 12 mm 1/2 inch 


That video helps show you what the cut happens like (scissors and clippers over comb to fade in from the nape to the crown) and what it looks like unstyled. 

To style into the classic elvis style quiff you’ll need pomade (actual pomade not gel, as it holds differently) and a comb, and practice! Comb to sides into the middle from the outside, and roll the top. 

learn--to-live asked:
Hello! I had red hair which had faded/grown and I got fed up with how bad the roots kept showing up. Used a colour remover on my hair with the intention of lightening it enough to dye over an aurbern/orange but I was surprised at how blonde my hair was (but a bit brassy) and decided I wanted to go blonde instead. I dyed over my whole hair with a blonde dye which has re-ignited a very pale red/almost pinky colour in places. Wondering how I can get it blonde? Will I have to bleach it? Thanks! x

Hi Hi! 

Please take a good old read of my blonding guide (useful even if you don’t want to achieve white) 


You’ll likely need to use a lightener, and tone it out with a box dye or toner (depending on your level) 
Stripper doesn’t actually take you back to your ‘natural colour’ as they claim, as most box dyes have lightener in them, so it actually takes you to the colour it lightened to. Obviously there was some colour deposit in your hair from the red that showed up when you used the blonde. 

sathcaerio asked:
Hi! I was wondering if you had any easy-ish hairstyles that would keep the hair out of my face. My hair is about 2 inches below my armpits and I have and 'inverted triangle' shaped face. ~Thanks!

Hi Hi! 

I’m afraid this is a massive question, as I assume you know pony tails and plaits (especially on-trend plaits such as fishtail) and well as buns and using rats (those spongy donuts that give you the ‘perfect bun’). 

Your best bet would be trawl around youtube, as the lovely guru’s on there will be able to help you far far more than I can! 

Sorry I can’t be more help. 

writerreaderlonerdreamer asked:
I want to buy Directions' dye, specifically a dark (but I want it to be obvious) shade of pink to dip dye my hair. Which Directions dye do you think is best for a dark pink? :) Thanks.

You could try one of their reds, and a little white conditioner mixed as most of their reds a pink base rather than orange base. 
Tulip is their dark pink dye, and rubine is a darkkkk purply pink which is a really underused dye as its lovely.

piercingsandtatt00s asked:
Hello! I've had light pink hair for about 7 or 8 months, it's always had a yellow/orange tint to it because I didn't bleach it light enough the time I originally dyed it. So this weekend while I was doing my roots I decided to bring the bleach down 10 minutes before I washed it out. That turned out fine and the color was a light blonde color. My sister recommended me to try Wella T18 toner and it turned my hair silver (I wanted white). I tried to do the pink after and it just washed out. Help???

Hello! You’ve probably over processed your hair, and now it won’t hang onto the pink. 
It could just be that the dye doesn’t react well to the toner. 

Use a clarifying shampoo, then pop some protein treatment on (I like Joico K-pak). This should help strip and fill your hair ready to receive the dye. 

Come back if it doesn’t work! 

Peeps waiting for answers, I will get to them soon! Thank you for your patience.