Lilac hair Tutorial!

I had a request to write this, so I shall do my best.

 I have had lilac hair a few times before, most recently in these two pictures (please ignore unflattering images captured by a sneaky boyfriend)


 Lilac is a pretty easy colour to get when you know how.

 Here are simple steps to lilac hair.

  • To get lilac hair you must, must, must have a white base. If you have a yellow base then the lilac will tone your hair, but not always dye it, so start as light as possible. If you need help with white hair, please refer to this tutorial.
  • To get lilac hair you can use many poducts, depending on how lilac. Some people prefer to use a toner or toning shampoo to get a very light lilac sheen, to learn about different toners see here 
  • The best way to get lilac hair, rather than buy a lilac dye is to buy a very pigmented purple dye, something like Directions Violet, Manic Panic Purple Haze or special effects Pimpin’ Purple. Buying these dyes willl get you a better colour for you, and make things much cheaper.
  • Next buy a white conditioner, it doesnt matter if this is cheap or not, we’ll be using it to mix the colour, like mixing white paint with dark purple paint to dilute the colour and make a lighter one. This is exactly the same.
  • Squirt the amount of conditioner you think it will take to dye your whole head into a mixing bowl (or other suitable clean plastic container).
  • Put into the conditioner a very small amount of purple dye, little bits at a time help get the perfect colour, and usually it takes far less than you would expect to get a good lilac.
  • After each small amount of purple mix the dye and conditioner together, when it looks about the colour you want, stop mixing, and stop adding dye.
  • Dampen your hair, then paint on the lilac with a tinting brush, saturate the hair and leave for an hour or more, wrap your hair in a plastic bag, cling film or a shower cap to help the dye develop.
  • Wash your hair off with cold water to shock the cuticles closed and help lock in colour.

Thats it! Pretty easy when you know how. Lilac is a hard colour to maintain, as it washes out very quickly, but you can always put a smidge of dye in your every day conditioner and use as normal, this will help boost your colour each time you condition.

 Avoid washing the hair too often, its not good for your hair and very much will wash your dye out quickly.

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