firstgreenpurplelion asked:
Hi! I had platinum blonde hair, and i wanted change so i dyed half of my of my hair black with directions ebony. At first it looked really cool! But then i took a shower and it turned dark blue and the color that washed out of it got stuck in my beautiful blonde hair :( Then i tried to bleach the blue out of my hair and it turned green.. Theeen, i dyed my hair a light mahogany, but in a few months i want to go back to blonde again, how should i do that? I can still see a little bit green throug

Hello :) 

Directions ebony is DISGUSTING I’m sorry you went through this hun! I had the same with a black streak I put in my white hair (when I used to be white). 

Basically black semi perms don’t exist, they’re all green or blue based. 

Anyway! To go blonde from where you are now, I’d suggest a colour stripper like colourB4 then lightening. Please take a gander at my bleaching guide, it should answer any questions  you have, if not, please pop back!

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mustaberry-deactivated20131101 asked:
Hi! I've read though your bleaching posts many times now, but I have a question if you would maybe have the time to answer. I have a light golden hair color with slightly "dirtier" natural roots now, and I'm going to start trying to get my hair silver. So I'd just like your opinion on how I should go about starting the process. Should I bleach it a few times (scared of this since my hair is naturally dry and I've never done it before), or should I even out the color so that I don't have my natural roots, or tone it first with silver shampoo or what? So basically, just a simple list of steps would do, just to get me started and help me avoid the worst mistakes, and how long the whole process would take. Your hair is amazing, and I have complete faith in your hair wisdom :'D Thanks in advance, even if you don't have the time, your blog helps me so much already!

Well if you want to grow your hair out at all, leave the roots, other wise I would suggest bleaching them out too.

 Thanks very much for the compliments by the way :)

Its hard to tell without a pic to see the level of your hair what to suggest, but unless it is a 9 or 10 on this chart, you wont be able to tone it silver.

The next question is to whether you want silver like…chrome, or silver like a light sheen on white blonde? If you want the dark chrome silver, I will give you different advice!

For the light silver most people love, you’ll need light blonde hair. So, yes you’re right, you’ll need to even out the colour. Its likely that your roots will take much less processing time on the bleach than the rest of your hair even though that is already blonde since your roots are virgin hair (unless you had no dye under the bits already blonde). The heat from your scalp helps develop bleach so its usually best to put this on last. However. IF your hair is already pretty light, I would do this, its how I went white blonde.

Each time your roots grow out enough to be very noticeable, bleach them carefully, paint on the bleach layer by layer, when you are done- this will probably take twenty mins or so, make your remaining bleach into a bleach bath by adding calrifying shampoo and spread that onto the rest of the hair. When your roots are light enough (and no more than the recommended time, especially since its on your scalp) less if you can get away with it- wash out well. The roots should have lifted well and the rest of the hair will have lifted a couple of notes lighter.

Since you say there are golden tones in your hair, its likely you will need a purple shampoo to tone out any orange that will lift, this wont make your hair silver from golden in one try though (probably, everyone’s hair is different) but it will help you get an even pale blonde.

 You can then wait three weeks with deep conditioning between to re-bleach.


And I say this vary rarely because box dyes can often be more harmful than bleach depending on what processes have already happened to your hair, you could try a dye such as Live XXL ice blonde- this should lift you (since you are already blonde) to white pretty well. Its a much easier way but you have less control over damage, at least with bleach bath’s you can wash off any time during the process and dilute to your taste.

WEW! That was a long answer, but I hope it helped!

The other option of course, if you can afford it, is to get to a salon, since you are already blonde they should be able to lighten you up safely with little issues. 

If you are worried about dry hair get your hands on some aussie three min miracle and coconut oil conditioner :) 

saoirseclohessy asked:
On behalf of my sister, she was wondering what is best to do to maintain her 'cool' tones on her hair, because we used a lightening kit and it went gingery so we used a ash blonde dye which neautralised it, but obv thats washing out now - so we were wondering whether buying a toner is the best way (and if so which one?) or buy that same ash blonde again? Thanks =]

Yessum! Buying a toner is the best way, you’d need something stronger for every six weeks or so, and a purple shampoo for once a week. ^_^ There are so many different kinds, but you can read about the ones I have tried here (Im sorry its a tag as I cannot find my permalinks :/) you’ve already used an ash dye to keep it cool, so you shouldnt need a strong toner for her just yet, but when you do I think a directions purple mixed up to a lilac tone works best for me, lots of people get great results with a touch of silver by Schwartzkopf too, but I dont like it as a whole. 

 As a once a week shampoo, what worked best for me was lush’s daddyo! Though are are a couple of ‘designer hairdressers’ coming up with purple shampoo’s in boots now if you couldnt find that.

For something very good, bonacure colour saver is very reccomended by many people, but I’ve not tried it yet, and that is strong enough to produce white. 
 If you are going for more of a blonde tone, perhaps keep with the ash blonde, get wash in-wash out ones (the kind that last for six washes) as long as they are purple based, you should be fine :) I hope that helps?