vegathebright asked:
So I just bleached my whole head for the first and I ruined my hair, I already know I have to get a lot cut off, but is there anything to help the hair that's damaged?

Hi honey 

You need a protein filler. My favourite one is Joico Deep Penetrating Reconstructor you leave it for five minutes and rinse. The protein helps fill the hollowed out cortex of your hair that causes hair to be brittle. 

Make sure you are deep conditioning, any conditioner will help but something with argan oil, coconut oil or the ever popular Aussie Three minute miracle (its brilliant) are good. 

You then need a leave in argan oil if possible. The structure of the oil is similar to the sebum in your hair and will help keep your hair moisturised. 

SO use the protein filler, follow the instructions carefully as leaving it too long can be damaging also. 

Rinse and then condition for at least twenty minutes up to two or three hours. Wash out. Use a leave in oil. 


If you can’t afford any products then use household products. Coconut oil is fantastic, melt it a little and slather on your locks, leave for twenty minuts - three hours and wash out. 

Do an egg hair mask by mixing egg and oil (coconut or olive) and leaving for twenty mins then washing off with cold water (not hot as the egg will scramble). 

p-h-a-e-d-r-a asked:
Good morning :) In January I bleached my dark brown hair for the first time. I knew it would wreak havoc on my hair, which is naturally dry but healthy as I use argan oil daily. After two salon trips and 3 bleaches, its the right colour (except for some yellow tones sometimes) but my hair is a nightmare. I NEVER use heat, always let it try naturally, still use argan oil daily and regularly use deep conditioning treatments and cover it in coconut oil. What else can i do?! Its so fluffy!! :(

Hello! You’re doing pretty much all you can with oils and deep conditioning. The only thing you can add to your routine that will REALLY help is a protein treatment. Right now your hair is probably pretty much hollow, these protein treatments act like fillers. I love Joico Kpak re-constructor. Its highly recommended by most hair dressers too.

Other than that, make sure you get a trim, you’d be amazed what taking just a cm off the ends can do for the look of your hair. 

Unfortunately bleach damage can’t really be reversed, only helped.  

Tip for bleaching your roots!

If you bleach your roots once a month or so then you’ll probably notice that despite how careful you are, its hard not to get overlap and do the occasional damage. 

  • Minimise the bleach damage by using a low volume peroxide (20 vol or lower) 
  • Do a bleach bath! If you’ve got a good brand of bleach, they are fantastic at lifting, and the heat from your head when doing your roots means your bleach will develop quickly. Instead of doing a scoop of bleach powder to two scoops of peroxide try this 

1 scoop powder, 1 scoop shampoo, 1 scoop peroxide. 

You should see the same amount of lift and minimise any damage!

  • If you can managed it start from the front to back the first time you do your roots then back to front the next time you do them. This way the front doesn’t end up developing for the longest amount of time each session. 

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