musicaba asked:
i downloaded your guide to white hair and i will read it today. but i'm afraid that people will leugh at me and kidding me if i have a white hair (i'm a girl, 18)... i live in a small town with jerks :/... plus, how can i know if white hair will look good on me? and i have black eyebrows, how that will look with white hair? what i can do with that? and what when my hair grow up so my natural hair will be seen?

Hi there,

 Firstly, if you are unsure in any way, dont do it! its a long hard process.

¬†Secondly, don’t care what others think, why would they laugh? And if they do, so what? I know bullying can be hard, somehow it never affected me people saying things about the way I looked because I loved it. You have to have that confidence.

Eyebrows…I always fill mine in, and I do it in black, even when I had white hair I did this. Looked fine to me! You can always bleach those too though, you just have to get a special skin safe eyebrow bleaching kit. Don’t try it with hair bleach.

As for root regrowth, you’ll have to bleach this out too, I usually leave about half an inch, about a months worth of growth or so before doing my roots.

Its economical to buy a big tub of bleach and a litre of peroxide so as you can mix up little bits just to do your roots instead of an entire pre measured pack.